Professional Services we provide

Our Services are courteously given to companies, offices, establishments, restaurants and private homes while emphasizing professional and reliable treatment and care

Acquiring your dream Aquarium \ First steps to make your a reality

  • set a location where you would like to place your aquarium
  • Important! set a budget you would like to dedicate for your aquarium
  • Choose which kind of aquarium you prefer
  • If your house\business is being renovated, please consult with us regarding the best way to install your aquarium
  • Design and Planning of custom aquariums

  • Shipping and Assembling

  • Fish food and Additional Products Supply and Delivery

  • Regular Maintenance per aquarium needs

  • Fish food and Additional Products Supply and Delivery

  • Personal Guidance and Support

Reef Aquarium

A Saltwater aquarium containing corals, a wide variety of species of different shapes and sizes, including Invertebrates, crustaceans as well as a large variety of fish, depending on the aquarium size. A wonderful display you can watch for hours (Treatment required once twice a month).

Saltwater – Marine Aquarium

An aquarium which incorporates different species of fish with more belligerent nature which cannot coexist in a reef aquarium because they feed on corals and other fish. There is an interesting and wide range of these kinds of fish.
(Treatment required once a month)

Freshwater – Cichlids and Other Species

Cichlids and many other freshwater species can coexist in the same aquarium with a wonderful display of many shapes sizes and colors from lakes around the world. In an aquarium like that it is possible to add crustaceans. Design for this aquarium could vary from natural rocks, natural plants or logs and other decorative elements.
(Treatment required once every month or two).

Freshwater Aquarium \with Live(natural) Plants

A Freshwater Aquarium can contain several different types of fish with the same habitat.
you can upgrade your freshwater tank with live plants which give a special natural green atmosphere. You can also combine other decorative elements – natural or structural in many shapes and colors.
(Treatment required once a month).

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